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About Elspeth Bakery

I studied and worked in marketing for three years before resigning to pursue a dream of cookery. After becoming a student again and working a further 16 years in professional cookery, we have opened Elspeth Bakery.

Elspeth is named after my grandmother.  She was a legendary cook.  She was among the first women in NZ to graduate from Otago University with a Home Science degree, and she worked afterwards as a home economics teacher.  Her Sunday lunches were famous in Christchurch and I still meet people who tell me about the meals they had as students at my grandparent's house.   I like to think my career has followed in her amazing footsteps.

I am fortunate to have worked in fine dining restaurants for some of New Zealand's best, award-winning chefs and in a Michelin starred restaurant in the UK.  What began as intensive training in refined cookery developed into a love for the precise, technical skill required in fine pastry and bakery work. I love to cook food that requires time and care with clean, robust flavours.

Nichola Jacobsen


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