Small batch, artisanal breads, pastries and cakes, freshly baked for you each day.

At Elspeth Bakery, we’re devoted to good food, obsessed with excellence, and fixated on high quality, natural ingredients. In our kitchen, fine dining standards and advanced pastry techniques are blended with true craftsmanship and a genuine passion for outstanding food, to bring you consistently high calibre baked goods.

Not your average bakery

We like to do things a little differently. Each item is attentively made by hand, entirely from scratch, with superior ingredients sourced from some of New Zealand’s very best artisan producers. You’ll taste the difference in every delectable bite. 

Elspeth Bakery is one half of Eddies & Elspeth, a happy collaboration between serious food lovers to create the ultimate café experience. Come and visit us soon.

Eddies & Elspeth Mt Maunganui


We love to turn everyday favourites into spectacular delicacies and our recipes have been tweaked and trialled over time until they’re absolutely perfect. We have a few signature creations and they’re all simple classics, done exceptionally well.

Bakery online ordering Croissants and Pastries

Croissants & Pastries
Good things take time and our decadent pastry range takes three days to make from start to finish. Made with premium tempered butter to ensure maximum flavour, rise and crispness, and folded to perfection, every small batch is baked fresh each morning.

Mille Feuille

Mille Feuille
The Elspeth Custard Square went through months of testing before making it onto the menu. The lightest, flakiest pastry is filled with our secret velvety custard recipe and classic, clean, vanilla-scented flavours shine through.

Cakes and scones bakery online

Elspeth Scone
A light and crumbly texture with a deep, rich flavour makes this one of our most popular items. Served fresh with homemade jam and a thick vanilla mascarpone cream, in a traditional Devonshire tea style.

sausage rolls

Sausage Roll
Seemingly straightforward, our sausage roll is actually deceptively intricate. We use the finest quality free-range pork, add a touch of sweetness with fresh apple, season with our secret blend of spices and wrap in rich, flaky, made-from-scratch puff pastry. It’s as intensely satisfying to make as it is to eat.


"Tried this place out today. It’s lovely. Great food, the cabinet filled with everything from delicious salads to decadent pastries had me salivating! Great coffee, super friendly staff. Will be back soon."
- B. Holme -  

"The food was awesome and the service was great . I had the lemon tart and it impressed me so much we are going back for breakfast tomorrow!" 
- S. Bancroft -

"Both sides of this business are amazing. The bread and baked goods really do get me... Like walking into a small shop in France for fresh goods. Great vibe and great coffee."
- T. Ormsby -

"This place is great, pastries are all well made, best croissant and muffins I've come across in the bay so far... turmeric lattes are on point."
- N. Lynch -

Good, honest bread

Made with the simplest of ingredients, bread is one of the most ancient and humble foods, but the process of making it is quite complex. 

Perfectly balancing the resting temperature, flour attributes, moisture content, tension, handling and baking makes breadmaking a special kind of alchemy and we rise to the challenge at 4am, six days a week.

All of our loaves are naturally made using premium quality unbleached flour and a slow fermentation process, without any additives or improvers. The result is an easy to digest, delicious, fragrant bread with a good crust, great structure and a rich, deeply developed flavour. 

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