About Elspeth Bakery

My grandmother, Elspeth, was ahead of her time

One of the first women to graduate from Otago University with a Home Science degree, my grandmother had both a pioneering spirit and a strong sense of traditional values.

To Elspeth, food was love, and excellence was where she set the bar. Cooking and baking for people was how she showed her affection, and those who received her incredible meals felt every ounce of care that went into making them. She went on to share her expertise and passion for cooking through teaching and helped many others to find the joy in food.

I admired her greatly, and I strive to honour her impeccable principles through the creation of a special bakery where nothing but the very best ever makes it onto the counter.

Bakers who dare to be different

I trained at fine dining and Michelin-starred restaurants in London and NZ, where I learned all I could about best practice from the head chefs.

While many chefs live for the thrill of fast service time, I’d get into a flow state while doing the long, slower work of preparing. I fell in love with intricate, technical pastry techniques that couldn’t be rushed, and decided to follow my heart.

I quit my job, spent our savings on kitchen equipment, found the only available space – a small commercial kitchen in a church – and paid the rent in dollars and bread.

It was pretty challenging - and a world away from the pristine 5-star kitchens I’d become used to - but I loved the independence and freedom to be creative. I’d often be baking while a Zumba class or choir practice took place and even turned up at 4am to find a rugby team still sleeping on the floor of the hall.

Nicola Jacobsen founder of Elspeth Bakery
Founder of Elspeth - Nichola Jacobsen

Our shared space - a place for serious food lovers

After months of testing and perfecting recipes, people really began to notice the difference. As demand quicky ballooned, I outgrew the markets and Elspeth was born from a happy collaboration with Eddies.

Elspeth now shares a beautiful, vibrant café space with Eddies, serving the very best coffee, meals and baked goods to a lovely and loyal customer base, and to out of town food afficionados who seek us out. 

Come in and try for yourself.

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We use the finest ingredients from select suppliers to achieve exquisite tasting baked goods for you to enjoy.

Clevedon Buffalo – Buffalo ricotta 
Bostock BrothersOrganic chicken
Vetro Tauranga  parmesan, salami, proscuitto
Cols Butcher – Freedom Farms ham and pork
Fresh As freeze dried raspberries
Watea Farm – free range eggs
Reso Foods – Callebaut chocolate and cocoa
Heilala Vanilla  vanilla extract
Canary Foods – butter sheets

Elspeth & Eddies is a unique shared space in Mount Maunganui, and we currently have positions available. If you have a good work ethic, can maintain consistency and want to develop your career and work with a great team, then get in touch with us.


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